What is Dhatrisha?

Dhatrisha E-Tech Solutions, is a association of like minded having around 20 years of experience in different fields with the intention of helping the economically underprivileged, women and physically challenged people to lead their life as an independent entrepreneur. To
achieve this goal, Dhatrisha has developed the franchise business model in the domain of grocery and FMCG retail.

Why Grocery?

Grocery retail is coined as an evergreen business in all economics. Irrespective of locations, every human need basic items to survival available in grocery shops. If we look back, it was a traditional family owned business but now it’s been a corporate segment. Increasing Population density, awareness towards quality, digital shopping, better price, home delivery and failure of supermarkets created the necessary of organized retail store. As per survey, India has 14 million grocery outlets which are unorganized failing mostly in providing the healthy and required service to the consumers. This made the Dhatrisha to fill the gap of consumer expectation and available services in making consumer, retailer and manufacturer WIN-WIN.

How Dhatrisha?

Dhatrisha in its franchise business model is giving the franchise to operate the grocery shop with the minimal area of 300 sq .ft. confined to
its brand rules and regulations. Dhatrisha plans the reaching of right product at right place meeting the consumer requirement of better price, quality and home delivery. Dhatrisha does the centralized purchase of products for each of its franchise outlets thereby executing the bulk purchase and quality maintenance. Franchisee is provided with the support of purchase, sales, marketing, billing, e-commerce, logistics and management.

How it benefits?

Dhatrisha helps manufacturer, retailer and consumer to achieve win-win situation. While manufacturer, be it farmer or food processor is getting the bulk and continuous order, retailer is benefitted with the less purchase price and more volumetric sales thereby providing the quality products at relatively less price to consumer. Dhatrisha is serving to above sectors with minimum commercial benefit.

This franchise business model makes the retail to sell the products with hassle free conditions and Dhatrisha stands for all the supports required by them. This model suits more helpful to the women and physically challenged to uplift their dream of self employment and economical conditions.